Server Technology CB-24V2-L630 24 Outlet Low-Density Basic Vertical PDU, 208V, 30A, Locking 6-30 Cord

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Part Code: CB-24V2-L630

The Sentry Basic Cabinet (Power) Distribution Unit (CDU) product family provides a simple solution where reliable power distribution for equipment racks and other data center applications is needed. Basic CDUs provide both power distribution and branch circuit protection for the 30-Amp rated devices.

The Sentry Basic CDU offers different input and output connections to distribute 110V, 208V or 230V power and a 20 or 30-Amp power input feed. 30-Amp models feature a combination of white and black outlets to easily distinguish between each branch circuit.

The Sentry Basic CDU meets the criteria of Branch Circuit Protection by providing overcurrent protection with UL-listed Bussman SC fuses for each branch circuit. Branch circuit protection is accomplished via UL-listed Bussman SC fuses for compliance with UL/CSA/EN 60950-1 standards. The Sentry Basic Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) family provides both a reliable and economical solution for your basic power needs.