Server Technology 48DCXB-08-2X100-B0NB Intelligent PDU

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Part Code: 48DCXB-08-2X100-B0NB

The Sentry 48DCWB-08-2X100-B0NB Intelligent PDU and Remote Power Manager minimizes the impact of locked-up routers, servers and other network devices on business-critical networks. CLECs, ILECs, ISPs and enterprises use the Sentry 48DCWB-08-2X100-B0NB to manage equipment in remote sites, co-location facilities and network operation centers. Sentry 48DCWB-08-2X100-B0NB eliminates the need to dispatch a field service technician for manual intervention when devices lock-up. Using a Sentry 48DCWB-08-2X100-B0NB, the network operations center can quickly restart locked-up remote network servers to ensure that the network is fully operational around the clock.