Seagate STDE16000300 NAS Pro 4-Bay business storage

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Seagate®NAS Pro 4-bay is a high-performance network storage solution offering the easiestsetup and the industry’s most intuitive interface. The NAS Pro 4-bay features hardware,software and Seagate drives designed to work together seamlessly, which reduces yoursetup time to just a few minutes and delivers reliable performance for years to come. Inaddition, Seagate runs hours of extensive tests on every NAS Pro 4-bay before it leaves ourmanufacturing facility, to further ensure the system is running at its best.The NAS Pro 4-bay runs Seagate NAS OS 4 software, completely designed from the groundup to deliver ease of use, performance, reliability and a flexible platform for running add-on apps, enabling you to do more with your NAS.