NTI ST-C5USBV-300 USB KVM extender

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Part Code: ST-C5USBV-300

VGA USB KVM Extender via CAT5 with Audio Option: Extend to 300 Feet Extend USB keyboard, USB mouse and VGA monitor up to 300 feet Also known as: CAT5 USB KVM extender, remote keyboard mouse monitor, usb kvm extension 300 feet long, kvm balun. The XTENDEX® ST-C5USBV-300 USB KVM extender extends a USB keyboard/mouse and VGA display up to 300 feet via CAT5/5e/6/6a cable. Each ST-C5USBV-300 consists of a local unit that connects to a computer and provides local keyboard, monitor and mouse connections, and a remote unit that connects to a keyboard, monitor and mouse. The local and remote units are interconnected via CAT5/5e/6/6a cable.